Claritas AI Diagnostics

AI predictive diagnostic tools trained on high quality enhanced data sets
Claritas is developing AI diagnostic tools to detect the most prevalent medical conditions. Utilizing our proprietary neural network, we are developing AI diagnostic tools in collaboration with leading medical universities and hospitals to meet real-life diagnostic needs. Data sets are enhanced with iRAD to provide the highest quality underlying set of images. These tools are continuously tested, calibrated and validated in real-life settings.
  • Trained on deep enhanced data sets
  • High predictive accuracy in real-life situations

Claritas AI Diagnostic Tools

  • The quality of the underlying data set is paramount, in determining the predictive accuracy of AI tool in real-life use
  • Recognizing this, at Claritas we are leveraging our image enhancement platform to provide high quality enhanced and accurate data sets (underlying images) to train our suite of AI tools, which have a significantly higher rate of predictive accuracy.

Chest AI for Lung X-Ray

  • Detection and recognition of different conditions in the lung by processing X-Rays
  • Neural network is trained using iRAD enhanced X-Ray images
  • The following conditions are detected: Pneumonia, Tuberculosis and Covid19

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