30 Jan 2021

Claritas HealthTech receives MDEL Registration License from Health Canada

Claritas HealthTech

Singapore, 30 January 2021 – Singapore-based Claritas HealthTech Pte. Ltd. (“Claritas”), is pleased to announce that the company’s image enhancement software product for radiology, namely, iRad has been registered with Health Canada as a Class 1 Medical Device. The company has received its MDEL (Medical Device Establishment License) license number of 15964.

Claritas iRAD is based on the company’s ‘novel’ image enhancement algorithm that can enhance images with high precision, making visible the dim and hard to see features, whilst retaining the finer details of the image. iRAD is unique in its method of enhancement as it reveals the finer anatomical details that are obscured by noise suppression, and at the same time maintains the authenticity of the image by ensuring there are no distortions or exaggerations introduced.

Claritas is a health tech company developing software solutions that enable doctors and physicians to make accurate diagnoses and improve their patient lives with enhanced medical image processing and AI assisted diagnosis and interpretation. Claritas conducts research and development in the fields of image enhancement, Machine Vision (MV), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With Claritas HealthTech registered with an MDEL License under Health Canada, this enables the company to forge research collaborations with universities and medical institutions in Canada, in much the same way, as the company is progressing in Singapore, with collaborations with academia and industry.

About iRAD
Claritas iRAD is the proprietary software product of Claritas HealthTech Pte Ltd. The team of imaging specialists, scientists, and mathematicians at Claritas HealthTech, have developed Claritas iRAD and engineered an image enhancement process that preserves the finest details by individually enhancing each pixel to produce an image of high precision. Whether unclear due to radiation, low light or tissue absorption, the unique methods at Claritas HealthTech greatly improves clarity, without distorting, exaggerating or compromising the details of the original image. Claritas iRAD can be seamlessly integrated into any of the existing radiology platforms, such as PACS (Picture archiving and communications systems) Viewer, to support better workflow. With an aim to support medical professionals to better identify the nature of a patient’s illness, Claritas iRAD will simultaneously ensure cost and time efficiency for patients on the account of re-testing, insurance and malpractice claims that often results from a misdiagnosis. For more information on iRAD, please visit

About Claritas HealthTech Pte. Ltd.
Claritas is incorporated and headquartered in Singapore. Claritas conducts research and development in the fields of image enhancement, machine vision and artificial intelligence (“AI”) with a focus on medical image processing and AI assisted interpretation. Claritas aims to transform the diagnostics industry with powerful and effective software products created using image enhancement and AI technology enabling doctors and physicians to make accurate diagnosis and improve patient lives. For more information, please visit

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