1. What is iRAD?

This is the first SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) product released by the groundbreaking image enhancement technology from Claritas HealthTech for use in Radiology departments

2. Which Radiology Modules does iRAD address?

iRAD provides powerful and effective image enhancement solutions across the full range of modalities in Radiology including X-Rays, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Mammography.

3. Are Claritas solutions GDPR and HIPAA compliant?

Yes, our solutions ensure patient privacy is protected and are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. All patient health information is maintained by the radiology center/hospital. Claritas’ processing is performed on an anonymous basis, and no patient health information is used.

4. How does Claritas integrate with my existing PACS?

Claritas solution can work with any PACS system, and easily integrates into the workflow systems including your DICOM 3.0 communications protocols and imaging archives.

5. Do I need dedicated hardware to run Claritas iRAD?

No, integration is simple and can be implemented quickly. The setup and maintenance is performed remotely. No additional hardware is required.

6. Can I use Claritas iRAD if I don’t have a PACS?

Yes, you can use the Claritas PACS Viewer to load up radiology images and enhance them. You will need to register and get an account for this service. You can do this by simply contacting us via our website.

7. Where is the image enhancement done?

The processing is done on the Cloud.

8. Is there an option to deploy the processing on-site if our organization is not allowed to send data off-site?

Yes, in the case where the hospital or radiology center does not allow its data to leave its local site, the Claritas software can be deployed locally.

9. What’s the key difference between with Claritas iRAD and other image enhancement solutions?

Other image enhancement solutions for radiology often result in the finer details of the image being lost, and/or distortions being introduced after enhancement. The unique algorithm utilized by Claritas solutions optimally enhances the image by removing radiation noise at each pixel level. This allows for anatomical details to be revealed without the introduction of any distortions or exaggerations.