Claritas iRAD

State-of-the-art image enhancement technology for radiology
iRAD is a state-of-the-art software product based on our novel algorithm that provides optimal enhancement for radiology images. iRAD provides clinicians a powerful, yet simple to use, cloud based tool that integrates seamlessly into their existing workflow. iRAD enhances images to reveal the dim and hard to see features by improving contrast, sharpness and edge enhancement, while providing noise reduction to ensure the finer anatomical details are preserved and the original image is not distorted.
  • Easy implementation
  • No change in workflow
  • Multi-modality
  • File type agnostic

iRAD Works with

  • Digital Radiography (X-Ray)
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Ultrasound

US Food and Drugs Administration 510(k) Cleared

iRAD Differentiator

iRAD produces enhanced images with outstanding quality and precision

  • Reveals dim and not visible structures
  • Makes visible the small (barely visible) features
  • Preserves the finer anatomical details
  • Improves image contrast
  • Provides edge enhancement
  • Reduces noise at pixel level
  • Differentiates clear soft tissue (e.g. grey and white matter)

iRAD optimizes the enhancement for each pixel of the image to ensure

  • No distortions or artefacts are introduced
  • No loss of finer anatomical details

Greater Control with Adjustable Parameters

  • Integrates seamlessly into existing systems and become part of the workflow
  • Optional adjustable parameters give clinicians greater control
  • Adjustable parameters
    • Strength – level of detail enhancement
    • Sharpness – contrast adjustment to reveal dim features
    • Noise suppression – degree of noise reduction
    • Style – ability to select focus: larger vs. smaller features
  • Clinicians have variety of image viewing preferences while comparing the various versions, including the original, to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Benefits for Clinicians and Patients

We are pleased to schedule a session to demonstrate the results
you can achieve with iRAD image enhancement software

Some background information to enable us to better design the demo:

Indicate type of images you like to enhance:


What anatomical / body part that is the main focus?

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