Claritas iPET

Image enhancement and reconstruction software for PET scans
iPET implements an advanced algorithm to enhance PET images by reducing noise, sharpening organ boundaries, and increasing contrast ratio. PET scans can be further enhanced by using an overlay of CT or MRI scan of the same region to enhance the PET image to show more details. iPET significantly improves the quality of low dose and accelerated PET scans, reducing scan times by up to 80% of original scan duration.
  • Easy implementation
  • No change in workflow
  • Model/brand agnostic

Claritas iPET

  • Reduces noise, improves sharpness of organ boundaries and achieves super-resolution
  • Works with with any kind of radionuclides e.g., fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG)
  • The PET can be further enhanced using an overlay of CT /MRI
  • Scan time can be decreased by a factor of 5-10
  • Ability to compare original and enhanced scans

US Food and Drugs Administration 510(k) Cleared

User controlled adjustable parameters

  • Super-resolution – ability to control the degree of resolution improvement in the output PET volume
  • PET smoothing – sets the threshold of noise for the PET input
  • Guide smoothing – sets the threshold of noise for the guide, i.e. MRI or CT volumes
  • Guide weight – controls how strongly the guide can affect the PET enhancement

Benefits for Clinicians and Patients

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