5 Nov 2020

Google partners with imaging software firm Claritas HealthTech for new teleradiology platform

Health Imaging

Google Cloud Healthcare API and Singapore-based Claritas HealthTech have partnered to launch a new teleradiology product known as tRAD, the pair announced on Thursday.

The platform allows telehealth companies to add imaging into their workflow via Google’s simple application programming interface, according to Claritas. Patients can also access and review their radiology images, clinical reports, and talk with their physicians using the platform.

And it may be particularly helpful as providers continue to turn toward remote radiology interpretations amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Physicians today are frustrated by limited access to medical images when they are offsite. They receive text-based reports and low-resolution snapshots of images, instead of full access to their electronic medical records,” Vas Metupalle, MBBS, head of business development at Claritas, said in a statement. “With tRAD, the platform brings a powerful solution to radiology imaging, with an enhanced image viewer and multiple integrated AI tools, accessible to all physicians and patients.”

tRad is already used by certain Claritas clients in Singapore and Indonesia, and the company has existing plans to roll out its platform across North America and the U.K., focusing on physician groups and teleradiology practices, according to the announcement.